Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's talk about...


This is 1/4 of the painting I'm working on today. 

Sorry it's so small.  Technology and I don't get along. 

My Birthday:

I'm 18  now.  

And have been for about 2 weeks now.

That day was loads of fun.

This was taken at my dinner before my party.  
With my best friends, no doubt.

I wore: my new vintage white and red pumps, along with my red vintage clutch.

And, last but not least, and outfit post!

I wore this to a Student Council thing. Why do I look so unhappy?  I wish I knew.

Do Over.

You know what?

I think it is time that I redid my blog.

That does include deleting all of the things I disliked. (everything.) Starting fresh.

Well sorta, since for now I'm using my favorite former pictures. 

Scarf - Raj
White Tank - Old Navy
Jacket - Chico's thrifted
Satchel - NY & Co.
Pants - Coldwater Creek. I remade them into harem pants.
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

Featuring Peni, the Jack Russell Terrorist.